User guide

3. How to connect iPhone


#1 install LarixBroadcaster on iOS

It's FREE app for streaming from phone

#2 Run the app

  • select iPhone
  • press ON

#3 Windows asks you about firewall

  • just check all options and press Allow access

#4 open QR code

    just click on QR button

#5 scan QR code by iPhone

  • just capture QR code by standart Camera app 
  • the iOs suggest to open LarixBroadcaster
  • LarixBroadcaster asks you about ImportSettings (press OK)

#6 start stream

press on 'red circle' button for start stream.
'red square in white circle' means activated streaming mode.

#7 check stream

When the phone starts streaming you can see it
  • press Preview button for check stream
  • at bottom the app shows info about incoming stream

#8 run OBS

  • add Video Capture Device
  • select ActionCam2PC Virtual Camera