install LarixBroadcaster on iOS

It's FREE app for streaming from phone

App Store link


Run the app

  • select iPhone
  • press ON


Windows asks you about firewall

  • just check all options and press Allow access


open QR code

just click on QR button


scan QR code by iPhone

  • just capture QR code by standart Camera app
  • the iOs suggest to open LarixBroadcaster
  • LarixBroadcaster asks you about ImportSettings (press OK)


start stream

press on 'red circle' button for start stream.

'red square in white circle' means activated streaming mode.


check stream

When the phone starts streaming you can see it

  • press Preview button for check stream
  • at bottom the app shows info about incoming stream


run OBS

  • add Video Capture Device
  • select ActionCam2PC Virtual Camera

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